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100 min

Hands Off Mississippi

from 8 years

Ten-year-old Emma is happy. Six weeks summer holidays in the country, with granny Dolly and her many animals. The girl looks forward to this stay each year. When Emma finally arrives in the small place, it is like always. The grandmother’s neighbours are as pleased to see the summer guest as grandmother herself.

89 min

Lilly the Witch - The Dragon and the Magic Book

Germany, Austria
from 6 years

In fact, Lilly is a normal girl. She quarrels with her little brother and meets her friends. Everything changes when suddenly Hector dragon flies into her room. He tells Lilly that she has been chosen as the successor to super witch Surulunda, who has grown old now and can hardly fend off the attacks of the evil sorcerer Hieronymus.

99 min

Little White Lies

from 9 years

Alexander, 13 years old, attends secondary school. He goes to the same class as his best friends Maulwurf and Lotte. Maulwurf is a tinkerer. He constantly invents new things. The mother-of-pearl colour is a very special creation. When you apply it on paper and leave it to dry, the paper appears to be almost transparent, with a special lustre.


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