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117 min

As We Were Dreaming

Germany, France
from 15 years

On the outskirts of Leipzig, just after the end of the GDR: Dani, Rico, Paul, Pitbul and Mark, not too long ago still pioneers with red scarves, grow up at a time of upheaval of an entire society. Yesterday’s values are no longer valid today. Wild and unruly, the boys hang around, they are proud of having broken into 42 cars, they steal in supermarkets, booze like there is no tomorrow and “explore” the new nightclub.

91 min

Dessau Dancers

from 13 years

Dessau, in 1985. The American break dance movie “Beatstreet” is officially shown in East German cinemas. 18-year-old Frank and his friends Alex, Michel and Martina are fascinated. They watch the film again and again and try out breakdancing themselves. They dance in the street, on a piece of linoleum brought along. As more and more young people join them, the party officials become keen-eared.


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