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92 min

The Pasta Detectives

from 7 years

Rico is “lowly gifted”, as he says about himself. He sometimes loses the golden thread - or was it blue or green? He lives with his single mother in a block of flats in Dieffenbachstraße 93 in Berlin. They play bingo on Tuesdays. The bingo balls even roll in Rico’s head, and one of them happens to fall out from time to time. The summer holidays are here, at last.

101 min

Under the Sand – The Promise of Freedom (Land of Mine)

Denmark, Germany
from 16 years

Denmark, in May 1945: The Second World War is over and with it the five year occupation of Denmark by German troops. Now the traces of the war must be eliminated, especially the more than two million mines that Hitler and his high command had buried on the west coast of the country.


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