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Best Birthday Ever

Original title: Karlchen – Das große Geburtstagsabenteuer
German title: Karlchen – Das große Geburtstagsabenteuer
70 min
- General , - , -
Germany, Sweden, Netherlands
from 5 years
2021 | World Premiere
Direction: Michael Ekbladh
Script: Aje Andrea Brücken, nach dem Buch von Rotraut Susanne Berner


2021 | German Focus

Additional Information
Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion, Slugger Film AB

Little Charlie’s world is wonderful, like a birthday cake! He lives in a happy rabbit family, which includes mum, dad, the very best grandma, who always calls him sweetie pie, and baby Clara. Clara is cute, but she can also be terribly annoying, especially when she whines and the parents have to look after her. Today, however, little Charlie is the centre of attention because it is his fifth birthday. But just now, baby Clara gets a fever and has to be taken to the doctor urgently. Unwrapping presents is postponed until later, and so is the trip to the lake with his parents. If only mum could return the crying baby or at least exchange her for a big brother! Little Charlie is furious and decides to go and see the very best grandma and celebrate his birthday there. He spontaneously packs his pets, teddy, dog and penguin, into the cart, along with some delicious carrot bears, and sets off. Chicken comes along secretly, and luckily his best friend Monica and dog Bello are also on his trail because the way to grandma’s house leads through the dark forest, where the fox lives ...

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