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Nothing More Perfect

Original title: Nothing More Perfect
German title: Nothing More Perfect
87 min
General - , -
from 15 years
2020 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Teresa Fritzi Hoerl
Script: Teresa Fritzi Hoerl


2020 | German Focus

Additional Information
Markus Mayr

Sixteen-year-old Maya is permanently involved in a suicide forum and imagines her own death, partly in romantic, partly in creepy selfie messages. She lets her imagination run wild and thus finds an attention on the internet that she otherwise misses in her life. Her parents Dieter and Henri are only concerned with themselves and her friends annoy her with constant weight control and plastic surgery. When she goes on a short holiday to Prague with Dieter and Henri, her death fantasies take real shape. While her parents are only out partying and drinking and sometimes seem “extremely embarrassing”, Maya discovers the city on her own and meets Sev, a 20-year-old medical student acting as a drug dealer as a sideline. He offers her a supposedly surefire cocktail of pills, at first for 5,000, then for 9,000 Crowns. He incites Maya to make her long-awaited wish come true in Prague and to livestream her suicide on the internet. Her game gradually turns into deadly seriousness and Maya has to be careful to still hold the upper hand.

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