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Crazy about Fixi

Original title: Verrückt nach Fixi
German title: Verrückt nach Fixi
94 min
from 15 years
FSK: from 12 approved
2017 | Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Mike Marzuk
Script: Mike Marzuk, Thomas Sieben


2017 | German Focus

Additional Information
SamFilm GmbH

“Nice is the little brother of shit,” says Tom, who has just graduated from high school. Tom is nice, but seemingly invisible to girls. So far, he has not known any girl who would be keen on him. He does not have any friends either, apart from red-haired Dodie, who is a little too fat. But that’s not all. At the school leavers’ ball Tom is called to the stage and is given a blow-up sex doll as the “ultimate male virgin of the year”. The doll’s name is Fixi, made in Japan. Tom goes to the city, ends up in a brothel, gets drunk, and ... wakes up the next day in his bed with a blow-up sex doll, who has come to life, next to or rather on top of him. Fixi still walks a bit oddly through the room, repeats everything and has to be properly dressed. But she looks great and suddenly Tom’s life changes. The boys, above all woman’s hero Jannis are competing for the beautiful doll and therefore make friends with Tom. From now on the “nice one” is in the center of attention, is taken in by alleged mates and thereby forgets his real friend Dodie.

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