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The Pasta Detectives 2

Original title: Rico, Oskar und das Herzgebreche
German title: Rico, Oskar und das Herzgebreche
95 min
from 6 years
Highly Recommended
Direction: Wolfgang Groos
Script: Martin Gypkens, basierend auf den Büchern von Ingo Steinhöfel
Cast: Juri Winkler, Anton Petzold


2015 | German Focus

Additional Information
Stefan Biebl
Marco Pav D'Auria
Robert Matt
Lieblingsfilm GmbH, Fox International Productions Germany

Since their last great adventures, ten-year-old “deeply gifted” Rico and highly gifted Oskar two years his junior are best friends. Now Oskar stays overnight at the Doretti’s home for the first time. To mark the occasion, they go to a pizzeria and afterwards, they attend the weekly bingo at the retirement home of the “grey bumblebees”. This time Rico’s mother Tanya wins even two handbags, which she then sells via the internet as usual. But why can Oskar not appreciate Tanya's happiness? What's wrong with him? The next morning they find a bag with Oskar’s clothes and a letter in front of the door. His dad writes he needed some distance. Oskar is deeply saddened and cannot keep his secret to himself: yesterday he noticed with his lynx eyes that Tanya won at bingo although she had ticked the wrong numbers. Something is wrong here! Especially since the bags are not made of cheap plastic, but of expensive crocodile leather. Do Rico’s mother and the nasty bingo fairy Ms Wandbeck conduct any illegal transactions? Of course, the two friends have to get to the bottom of this matter ...

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