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Winnetou's Son

Original title: Winnetous Sohn
German title: Winnetous Sohn
92 min
from 7 years
Direction: André Erkau
Script: Anja Kömmerling, Thomas Brinx
Cast: Lorenzo Germeno, Tristan Göbel


2015 | German Focus

Additional Information
Ian Blumers
Anke Berthold
Gary Marlowe, Daniel Hoffknecht
ZDF, Kinderfilm GmbH, Kika

Ten-year-old Max is blond, overweight and wearing large, dark glasses. It is difficult to imagine him as an Indian boy. And yet an Indian heart beats in the “chieftain”, as he calls himself. When he learns that the Karl May festival at Wolfitz City is looking for an actor to play the part of Winnetou’s son, he absolutely wants to apply for this role. Max thinks everything will be like before if he gets the role. Then his parents will live together again. He makes a bet with same-aged Morten, a taciturn loner, that he will be allowed to take part in the casting. If Max succeeds, Morten will have to coach him. And really, Max is accepted. Now the “chieftain” has twelve days to prepare himself for the casting. He has to become agile, ride horses and learn his lines. Morten and Max’s father Torsten help him. Nevertheless, the training is quite chaotic. Torsten cannot be relied on, his mother only has eyes for her new boyfriend and last of all, Max has an argument with his new friend Morten.

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