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Pettson and Findus – A Little Nuisance, A Great Friendship

Original title: Pettersson und Findus - Kleiner Quälgeist, große Freundschaft
German title: Pettersson und Findus - Kleiner Quälgeist, große Freundschaft
86 min
- , -
from 4 years
Highly Recommended
Direction: Ali Samadi Ahadi
Script: Thomas Springer, (nach den Büchern von Sven Nordqvist)
Cast: Ulrich Noethen, Marianne Sägebrecht, Max Herbrechter


2014 | German Focus

Additional Information
Mathias Neumann
Andrea Mertens
Ali N. Askin
Tradewind Pictures, ZDF, Senator Film Produktion

Old Pettson lives all alone on a small farm in Sweden, where he spends his time tinkering and feeding his hens. Just as he is about to invent a machine for sweeping up breadcrumbs from the table, he is visited by his neighbour, Beda Andersson. She has a present for him: a box with lots of paper and ... a little tomcat. She has found him terribly frightened in the woods and saved him from Gustavsson’s hunting dog. Pettson christens the little cat Findus, and when Findus even begins to talk, they are perfectly happy. The two of them become the best friends. First the old man sews a pair of striped trousers for Findus, just as he wants, then the little cat is allowed to celebrate his birthday twice in a row. The playful tom can get up to all kinds of mischief – he knows he will always be forgiven. One day, however, Beda Andersson drags a loud crowing rooster along. Pettson is to take the animal in so it does not end up in Gustavsson’s cooking pot. Of course, the good-natured man cannot refuse this request, especially as there is great excitement about the new arrival in the henhouse. But the conceited rooster not only wins the undivided attention of the hens, he is also stealing all of Pettson’s attention. This makes Findus very sad as he fears to lose his best friend.


"Die Schauspieler haben sichtlich Freude an der Sache, die Kulissen wirken wie direkt aus den Büchern entsprungen und das Katzenkind erobert sowieso die Herzen im Sturm." (Jennifer Litters, , Jennifer Litters

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