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Run Boy Run

Original title: Lauf Junge Lauf
German title: Lauf Junge Lauf
108 min
Germany, France, Poland
from 12 years
FSK: from 12 approved
Direction: Pepe Danquart
Script: Heinrich Hadding, Pepe Danquart
Cast: Andrzej Tkacz, Kamil Tkacz, Elisabeth Duda


2014 | German Focus

Additional Information
ARTE, RBB, MDR, bittersuess pictures, Ciné-Sud Promotion & Vandertasic

Srulik is almost nine years old when his escape from the Warsaw Ghetto begins. His adventurous way leads through vast, impassable forests and past lonely farms. His food is the fruits of the forest, small animals and insects. Weakened by hunger and cold, one day he knocks on the door of the single farmwoman Magda, whose compassion and motherliness warms his heart and fills his stomach, and whose wisdom shows him a way to outwit the enemy. Srulik has to deny what his father appreciated so highly and what he died for – Srulik must learn to hide his Jewishness. When the villagers become suspicious, Magda is forced to let go of the boy. The longer Srulik’s odyssey takes, the more he merges with his new identity. He is now Jurek, a Catholic orphan, who even manages to find a temporary home under the watchful eyes of the Nazi henchmen. But the quiet is deceptive and soon the hunt for him begins again. Wounded in body and spirit, Srulik gets to the farm of another family who only see the lovable child in him and give him a home. Here the boy finally comes to rest after such a long time. He wants to stay, but then something unexpected happens – the war is over. Srulik’s Jewish roots no longer need to be hidden, but the boy has to learn to acknowledge them again.

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