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Clara and the Secret of the Bears

Original title: Clara und das Geheimnis der Bären
German title: Clara und das Geheimnis der Bären
93 min
Switzerland, Germany
from 9 years
Direction: Tobias Ineichen
Script: nach dem Roman «Het vervloekte huis» von Marian van der Heiden, Tobias Ineichen, Jan Poldervaart
Cast: Roeland Wiesnekker, Ricarda Zimmerer, Damian Hardung, Elena Uhlig, Rifka Fehr


2014 | German Focus

Additional Information
Michael Schreitel
Mike Schaerer
Fabian Römer
Zürich HesseGreutert Film, München NEOS Film

Clara is 13 and lives with her mother Nina and her stepfather John on a remote mountain farm in the Swiss Alps. One day she meets twelve-year-old Thomas. He was transferred from an urban youth center to the mountain village for disciplinary reasons and lives with a host family at the moment. The two outsiders get on very well and become really good friends. One morning nature-loving Clara spots a little bear on a summer pasture and feels even to hear its mother. She assumes this is the son of mother bear Zelda shot dead by poachers a year ago. But nobody in the village believes her. Then suddenly building workers on the farm discover an old girls’ shoe, which allows Clara to make contact with Susanna in a supernatural way. The strange thing is: Susanna is 13 too and used to live on the same farm 200 years ago. At that time, her father wanted to sell a small bear, which he had caught, but Susanna rebelled against him to save the unborn child of her pregnant mother. In fact, the valley is under a curse, the “curse of the bearess”: Those wishing the bears evil would be punished. Clara has a presentiment of danger threatening the farm, her family and the ecological balance. But will she find someone who believes her?

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