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Original title: Pinocchio
84 min
Direction: Enzo d´Alo

Additional Information

Geppetto, a poor old toymaker, is flabbergasted when he sees a piece of pine wood marching directly into his house. Instead of using it as firewood, he cuts a puppet out of it. The next morning, this puppet is vitally alive jumping around the room. Geppetto names him “Pinocchio” and cares for him like a father. But loveable Pinocchio is also quite stubborn. He not only tends to bend the truth, he couldn’t care less and simply does what comes to his “hardhead”. Without thinking, he uses Geppetto’s tool to heat up the oven. Instead of going to school, he prefers to go to the puppet theatre and even sells his reading primer for a ticket. When Pinocchio disturbs the performance there, Mangiafuoco, the angry theatre director, just puts him into his wagon and takes him into the world where little Pinocchio and his companion, the cricket Coco, have to go through dangerous adventures. They meet Fox and Cat, two cunning crooks, as well as a wicked coachman, who takes Pinocchio and other children into the supposed wonderland. On his trip, Pinocchio finally learns to gather all his courage, and above all, to rack his brains.

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