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Moon Man

Original title: Der Mondmann
German title: Der Mondmann
95 min
Germany, France, Ireland
from 8 years
Highly Recommended
Direction: Stephan Schesch
Script: Stephan Schesch, nach einem Buch von Tomi Ungerer


2012 | German Focus

Additional Information
Sarah Clara Weber
Schesch Filmkreation GmbH Co KG

Based on the picture book classic by Tomi Ungerer, this animated film tells the story of the sad moon man who absolutely wants to visit the earth, because life in his silver ball is extremely boring. One day a comet flies by, and this fire ball takes him to the earth planet. There the little glowing man discovers flowers, butterflies and fish, he gets to know the children and floats down the river into the sea. He lands right near the great inventor Bunsen van der Dunkel who cannot believe his eyes. But the power-hungry president, who believes he has already conquered the whole world, has also learned about the moon man and pursues the “alien” in order to put him in jail. What about the children of the earth? They cannot fall asleep, since he no longer lulls them to sleep from the moon. Therefore, moon man decides to return home. But how can he do that? The inventor Bunsen van der Dunkel has an idea. On behalf of the President, he built a rocket and gives it secretly to his new friend, so he can fly back into space.

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