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Snow-White and Rose-Red

Original title: Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot
German title: Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot
58 min
from 6 years
2012 | World Premiere
Direction: Sebastian Grobler
Script: Mario Giordano


2012 | German Focus

Additional Information
MDR, Saxonia Media

The popular tale by the Brothers Grimm is set in the Thirty Years’ War. Snow-White and Rose-Red have long lived alone with their mother. Their father was sent into a battle when the children were young. Now his daughters have grown into confident young women who can tackle problems and are not afraid of anything. They do not believe in dwarfs either, even though their father had wrested the treasure cave from them and built his own house in front of it. A hedge of red and white roses can keep the evil spirits away from the farm. But the nasty dwarfs are not satisfied with their defeat and send one of them out to get the treasure cave back. The dwarf wants to get the jewels and the gold from the castle. There, the King and Prince James have decided to spend their remaining money on wheat and seeds in order to combat the great famine in the country. But the evil dwarf steals the king’s property with cunning and malice. When Prince Jacob pursues the thief, the latter turns him this into a bear. And while the prince wanders through the woods as a wild animal, the dwarf is trying to get the cave as well. But now he is confronted with the courage and wisdom of the two sisters, who are not as easily duped as the king.

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