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Come on, Let's Find a Treasure

Original title: Janosch - Komm, wir finden einen Schatz
German title: Janosch - Komm, wir finden einen Schatz
74 min
from 5 years
Direction: Irina Probost
Script: Nana Meyer


2012 | German Focus

Additional Information
Marius Ruhland

”When my nose rings,” Baer says while fishing, “it means that something great is happening.” Tiger and Bear really discover a mysterious wooden chest with a faded treasure map at the bottom of the lake. Who can stay at home in such a situation? Tiger and Bear decide to set out and find the treasure. But the map is torn during an argument and one half of it flies away. Nevertheless, they start their journey. The lonely rabbit Jochen Gummy Bear joins them. Actually, he does not look for a treasure, but only for true friends. The missing half of the map, however, is blown by a gust of wind right into in the face of greedy detective Gokatz. Already dreaming of great wealth, he persuades Kurt the dog to pursue the three and steal their treasure. They run through ink swamps and ice deserts up to a high mountain, which contains an old pirate ship. “Janosch – Come on, Let's Find a Treasure” is the screen adaptation of an important part of Janosch’s children's book trilogy with Tiger and Bear, which also includes “Oh, How Beautiful Panama Is” and “Post for the Tiger”, filmed 33 years after its publication.

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