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Tigerduck Gang

Original title: Die Tigerentenbande - Der Film
German title: Die Tigerentenbande - Der Film
68 min
from 5 years
Direction: Irina Probost
Script: Ali Mauritz, Anke Klemm, Jan Strattmann, nach dem Buch von Janosch


2011 | German Focus

Additional Information
Peter Heynen
Marius Ruhland
SWR, Papa Löwe Filmproduktion GmbH, ARD

This animated film is based on the popular children’s book “Hannes Strohkopp” by Janosch, who celebrated his 80th birthday on 11 March 2011. Hannes Strohkopp has a problem, no, actually two: He is anxious, and at school there is always trouble with teacher Birkenpappel. Hannes has failed his math exercise again. As a punishment, the whole class has to write a test, which really annoys the gringos, three particularly nasty classmates. Therefore, they seek revenge against Hannes and challenge him to test his courage. He is to pull out a hair from the beard of the most evil villain of the area, the mice sheriff Browning. If he does not succeed, Hannes will be called “Chief trembling knee” forever. Of course, he and his friends, the tigerduck gang, cannot put up with it. Together with the inventor Laika, the mice Tütü and Schischi, the dog Bergmann, the bicycle taxi driver Schnuddel and Tigerduck, the frightened boy is looking for a way to perform the dangerous task. And he actually manages to stand in front of the sleeping sheriff with a pair of scissors in his hand. His victory so close, good-natured Hannes does not have the heart to cut off one of the sheriff’s beloved beard hairs. So, the tigerduck gang has to come up with something else to prove that Hannes is not a scaredy-cat.

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