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Status Yo!

Original title: Status Yo!
German title: Status Yo!
115 min
Switzerland, Germany
from 12 years
FSK: from 12 approved
Direction: Till Hastreiter
Script: Till Hastreiter
Cast: Sera Finale, JanEq Pepi, Jamie, Saession, DJ Quest, Yesim, Codeak


2005 | German Focus

Additional Information
Till Hastreiter, Tamás Keményffy, Robert Ralston
DJ b.side Pflegerlounge

The hip hop fan and singer Janek talks really too big: To hush an affair with his best friend’s sister, he admits getting persuaded to organize the biggest party of the town within 24 hours. Together with Jamie he has not only to hire together the whole equipment, but also to overcome larceny and profiteering. In the last seconds of the showdown appears the 5 Amoks – likely the best break-dancer of the world.

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