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Themba - Living the Game

Original title: Themba
German title: Themba - Das Spiel seines Lebens
102 min
Germany, South Africa
from 12 years
FSK: from 12 approved
Direction: Stefanie Sycholt
Script: Lutz Sycholt van Dijk
Cast: Emmanuel Soqinase, Junior Singo, Jens Lehmann, Kagiso Mtetwa


2010 | German Focus

Additional Information
Egon Werdin
Hansjörg Weibrich
Annette Focks
Josef Steinberger, Ica Souvignier, Michael Souvignier

Themba lives in a shabby round hut with his mother Mandisa and his younger sister Nomtha in a small village in southeastern South Africa. Their father has gone missing in a mine. The talented teenager dreams of a career as a soccer star. His alleged uncle Luthando, who has suddenly appeared, seems to encourage his plans. When Mandisa loses her job, she goes to Cape Town and leaves her children in Luthando’s care. But Luthando loves drink more than work. Themba founds the “Lion Strikers” together with his soccer friends. They even reach the semi-final at their first tournament. Talent scout John Jacobs gives Themba his business card. The boy joyfully returns back home. But life has become intolerable there. When Themba tries to protect Nomtha from drunken Luthando, he himself is raped by his uncle. Then the children flee to Cape Town. They find their mother seriously ill in a township. In the hospital, they are told the shocking diagnosis: HIV! Mandisa reveals to her son that she was infected by Luthando. Themba is shocked and has a test as well. Meanwhile, Themba trains with Bafana Bafana. He shoots the winning goal in an important soccer match. Themba is the hero of the day! But afterwards, at the press conference he unashamedly tells the astonished reporters his terrible secret.


"Es ist der wichtigste Film in diesem Sommer." (Kino Royal, 08.07.2010)

Kino Royal , o. V.

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