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Mein Kampf

Original title: Mein Kampf
German title: Mein Kampf
109 min
Germany, Switzerland, Austria
from 15 years
FSK: from 12 approved
Direction: Urs Odermatt
Script: Fedor Mosmak
Cast: Götz George, Tom Schilling


2010 | German Focus

Additional Information
Jo Molitoris
Enis Rotthoff
Danny Krausz (DOR-Film), Christof Neracher (Hugofilm), Thomas Peter Friedl, Oliver Berben, ZDFtheaterkanal, ARTE, ORF, SRG, SSR, UFA Cinema

The Jew Shlomo Herzl is considered smart and shrewd. During the day, he sells bibles and shallow and indecent literature in the streets of Vienna. He spends his nights in a shabby refuge for homeless men in Vienna’s Blutgasse. Most of the time Shlomo surrounds himself with the absent-minded clarinet player Lobkowitz, who is a little odd - he thinks he is God and in this function he “gives away” more or less clever remarks, no matter whether people want to hear them or not. Herzl's heart is attached to lovely Gretchen. And since she likes him as well, she displays her female charms to him. So when Shlomo is not selling books, he is telling Gretchen his stories and she thanks him with a bit of nakedness. His whole heart and soul is in his biography, which he began to write under the promising title of "My Struggle". One day, the young, arrogant and often irascible artist Adolf Hitler shows up in Blutgasse. He hopes to obtain a scholarship from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Shlomo Herzl quite likes the newcomer and supports him, although Adolf publicly expresses his dislike for Jews. When Hitler receives a negative reply from the Academy of Fine Arts, cunning Herzl helps him. He advises Hitler to go into politics. While his gestures and rhetoric still have to be improved, Shlomo has already provided him with a suitable appearance - trademark: a short mustache.

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