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And Then Came Lola

Original title: Hier kommt Lola!
German title: Hier kommt Lola!
90 min
from 8 years
Direction: Franziska Buch
Script: Vanessa nach dem gleichnamigen Buch von Isabel Ab Walder
Cast: Nora Tschirner, Julia Jentsch, Axel Prahl, Margareta Broich, Fernando Spengler, Meira Durand


2010 | German Focus

Additional Information
Bella Halben
Youki Yamamoto

Lola has a Brazilian father, an 80-centimeter tall Aunt Lisbeth and a few million fans when she changes into the famous singer Jacky Jones at night. What Lola does not have is a best friend who you can stick by through thick and thin – and this is what she wants most of all. But there is not much choice in Lola's new school. Flora, who sits next to her, could play this role. But somehow she is weird and smells horribly of fish. And beautiful Annalisa rushes from appointment to appointment in the afternoon: horse riding, music school, painting class, etc. When she did take some time once and visited Lola, this was just the moment when Lola's stark naked father was storming through the flat because his daughter had accidentally locked him in the bathroom the whole day. And then things in Lola's room were not to Annalisa's liking, who is rather keen on uninspired merchandising products. A clear case: Lola has to come up with something to find a friend. In her hideout, the Super Epress Spaceship, the girl has finally got an idea. Lola puts her heart's desire into a balloon and sends it into the sky. In response she receives a mysterious message in a bottle...

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