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The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams

Original title: Das Sandmännchen - Abenteuer im Traumland
German title: Das Sandmännchen - Abenteuer im Traumland
83 min
Germany, France
from 4 years
Direction: Jesper Möller, Sinem Sakaoglu, Helmut Fischer
Script: Katharina Reschke, Jan Strathmann


2010 | German Focus

Additional Information
Angela Poschet

Since time immemorial, Sandman has lived in the land of dreams – where everything people dream on earth lives on as soon as they wake up. Every evening, when the moon dogs soar into the dreamland sky, Sandman sets out on his way to the waking world in order to spread his magic dream sand and thus get the children off to sleep. But one day everything is different, and there is great excitement in the land of dreams. Sandman’s dream sand was stolen. Nasty cyclone Habumar, who wants to bring all people bad dreams, is behind it. Sandman needs help. So he sends sleep sheep Nepomuk into the waking world with an important mission. Nepomuk is to track down Captain Scheerbart and ask him for help. But instead of finding the fearless sailor, Nepomuk returns to the dreamland with little Miko. Although the six-year-old boy is the famous captain’s grandson, he has not inherited his grandpa’s fearlessness. Miko is a fearless sailor only in his dreams and his imagination, when playing captain on his grandfather’s old boat lying on the beach. But in reality, he is frightened and quite shy. What now? No problem. Sandman recognizes great dreamers when he meets them. So he hires little Miko as his assistant – for he knows the shy boy has got what it takes to be a hero. Together they set off to save the dreams...

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