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Hanni & Nanni

Original title: Hanni & Nanni
German title: Hanni & Nanni
89 min
from 7 years
Direction: Christine Hartmann
Script: Katharina Reschke, Jane nach Enid Blyton Ainscough
Cast: Katharina Thalbach, Anja Kling, Hannelore Elsner, Heino Ferch


2010 | German Focus

Additional Information

The twins Hanni and Nanni are really crafty. Armed with hockey sticks and a ball they dash through the department store with their friends. Hanni is the winner this time. When leaving the shopping centre she is suddenly accused of theft. She cannot explain how the garment got into her bag and fails to prove her innocence. Both girls must leave school. Their parents decide to send Hanni and Nanni to Lindenhof boarding school. Their protests are futile. So the unruly siblings try to defend themselves at boarding school. They continue to play their cheeky tricks on teachers and classmates – who is Hanni, who is Nanni? The other pupils respond accordingly. They ignore the arrogant girls and deny them acceptance in the hockey team. While Nanni increasingly comes to an arrangement with the situation and dreams of an independent life, Hanni has a hard time due to her brusque way. Meanwhile, the girls have settled in quite well. But their harmony is deceptive. Nanni no longer wants to be ordered about by Hanni. She hates hockey and wants to play the cello instead. Her hotheaded sister feels affronted. She absolutely wants to get back home – if need be, alone. Then a hockey game is planned against the twins’ old school. What choices will they make?

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