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Little White Lies

Original title: Die Perlmutterfarbe
German title: Die Perlmutterfarbe
99 min
from 9 years
FSK: from 6 approved
Highly Recommended
Direction: Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Script: Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Christan Lerch
Cast: Josef Hader, Markus Krojer, Zoé Mannhardt, Dominik Nowak, Benedikt Hösl, Paul Beck, Brigitte Hobmeier


2009 | German Focus

Additional Information
Arabisch (UT), Deutsch (UT)
Torsten Breuer
Grit Meyer, Georg Söring
Gerd Baumann
Constantin Film Produktion

Alexander, 13 years old, attends secondary school. He goes to the same class as his best friends Maulwurf and Lotte. Maulwurf is a tinkerer. He constantly invents new things. The mother-of-pearl colour is a very special creation. When you apply it on paper and leave it to dry, the paper appears to be almost transparent, with a special lustre. By chance, the paint bottle falls into Alexander’s hands. And that mixes his life up dramatically. At school, all are looking for the thief. Alexander can no longer tell the truth because no one would believe him now. So he invents an excuse. His classmate Grueber covers him, but that has its price. Alexander becomes a tool for Grueber's campaign against Karli from the other class. The situation gets worse and worse. Grueber stirs the parallel classes up against each other. In the midst of these struggles, Alexander withdraws more and more from his friends.
Marcus H. Rosenmüller filmed the novel by Anna Maria Jokl from the 1930s, which she wrote in exile in Prague.


"Rosenmüller macht einfühlsam die seelischen Nöte des Protagonisten Alexander deutlich, der durch kleine Schwindeleien von Gruber erpresst wird und sich dabei in immer schlimmere Schuld verstrickt. Seine große Beichte vor der versammelten Schule ist dann auch ein grandioser, befreiender Moment, den Rosenmüller mit der gebührenden Dramatik inszeniert hat." (FBW)

FBW , o.V.

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