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Friends Forever

Original title: Mullewapp - Das große Kinoabenteuer der Freunde
German title: Mullewapp - Das große Kinoabenteuer der Freunde
77 min
Germany, Italy, France
from 5 years
Direction: Tony Loeser, Jesper Möller
Script: Helme Heine, Gisela von Radowitz, Bettine und Achim von Borries


2009 | German Focus

Additional Information
Oscar Loeser
Andreas Hoge

The animals of Mullewapp farm, which include Franz the cock, Marilyn the hen, Wolke the lamb, and the fat pig Waldemar, lead a normal country life. One day they have an unexpected visitor. Johnny Mouse comes to their farm. He calls himself Johnny Mauser and claims to be a famous actor. Each day he shares his large story collection with them. All animals listen intently to his stories. Soon, everyone believes that Johnny was a real hero. While all farm residents are enthusiastic about the mouse, Franz cannot stand him because he twists lovely Marilyn around his little finger. Franz has long been mad about her. In between all these exciting events in Mullewapp they receive the news that Wolke, the little lamb, has disappeared. And as it looks like kidnapping, they are all stunned. Who can help the lamb? Hero Johnny seems to be the perfect solution to all the animals. Although he himself does not approve of this decision, he does not show his feelings. Together with Franz and Waldemar they will certainly be able to save the little lamb.

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