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Mr. Woof

Original title: Herr Bello
German title: Herr Bello
97 min
from 9 years
Direction: Ben Verbong
Script: Paul Maar, Ulrich Limmer
Cast: Armin Rohde, August Zirner, Sophie von Kessel, Manuel Steitz, Jan-Gregor Kremp, Katharina Schubert


2007 | German Focus

Additional Information
Jan Fehse
Alexander Dittner
Konstantin Wecker

Max and his father get on very well. Unfortunately they do not spend much time with one another. Max’ father owns a pharmacy. And when he is working, he forgets time. No wonder Max feels lonely and his desire to have a four-legged friend continuously increases. When father and son Sternheim make a trip to the farm of a friend’s family, Max’ dearest wish becomes true. He gets a dog. And the dog gets a name: Woof. Not even the new neighbour Verena Lichtblau, who throws herself at his father who therefore has still less time for his son, cannot spoil Max’ joy over the straggly crossbreed. In the pharmacy a bottle of blue liquid emerges from the old remaining stocks of his grandfather. When Max and Woof are there, the bottle is breaking and the dog is slurping the mysterious juice. He then changes in no time. Woof looks like a human, he can speak and calls himelf Mr. Woof – but he still behaves like a dog. As a man Woof flirts with women. Naturally, chaos is predictable.

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