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Original title: Wholetrain
German title: Wholetrain
89 min
Germany, Poland
from 15 years
FSK: from 12 approved
Direction: Florian Gaag
Script: Florian Gaag
Cast: Mike Adler, Florian Renner, Elyas M´Barek, Jacob Matschenz, Gerald Alexander Held, Karina Fallenstein


2006 | German Focus

Additional Information
Christian Rein
Kai Schröter
Florian Gaag

Three friends David, Tino and Elyas call themselves "Keep Steel Burning" (KSB). They are a big-wig in the graffiti scene. When another crew appears in the city, a creative competition breaks out. To decide the duel for himself, the boys of KSB plan the big coup: They want to spray a Wholetrain, a whole city railroad train. However, with the risky plan the boys risk everything, because not only the police pursues them, but also her families and the school suffer from the plan.

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