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Original title: Lucy
German title: Lucy
82 min
from 15 years
Direction: Henner Winckler
Script: Henner Winckler, Stefan Kriekhaus
Cast: Kim Schnitzer, Gordon Schmidt, Feo Aladag, Ninjo Borth, Ganeshi Becks


2006 | German Focus

Additional Information
Christine A. Maier
Bettina Böhler

Maggi is 18 years old and has a baby, the eight month-old Lucy. The young woman broke the school, and lives separated from the father of her child, still with her mother. For not to have to renounce her leisure activities, Maggy often troubles friends or her mother to the babysitting, often with a lie. In the disco she meets Gordon and moves to him, of course with the child. In the beginning everything works excellently. Gordon touchingly cares for Lucy. But soon, he stays away from home more longer.

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