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Ghost in a Bottle

Original title: Der Geist im Glas
German title: Der Geist im Glas
59 min
General - , -
from 9 years
2021 | World Premiere
Direction: Markus Dietrich


2021 | German Focus

Additional Information

Sophia, a medical student, is doing her internship with the village doctor, Dr. Malick Roth. Due to carelessness, she lets the ghost Mercurius escape. For two decades he was locked in a magic bottle. Now the village people fear that the events of 20 years ago could recur. For at that time, Mercurius was in the service of Veith, the greedy lord of the manor, who had the whole village plundered and even had some people turned into stones. Back then, Malick and his sister Eda, a herb woman, had been able to capture the ghost and lock him in the bottle. Now he is free again and immediately goes back to Veith as a petty ghost who serves his master unconditionally. Someone has to stop him and follow him through the magical gates. Malick and Eda feel unable to do so, especially as they have been at odds since their fight against Mercurius. The two carpenters Willi and Herbert are afraid. Sophia, on the other hand, wants to make amends for her fault and volunteers. But Eda’s apprentice, adventurous Jakob, is also determined to put an end to Mercurius’ and Veith’s game.

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