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Dwarf Long Nose

Original title: Zwerg Nase
German title: Zwerg Nase
91 min
General - , -
Germany, Czech Republic
from 10 years
2021 | World Premiere
Direction: Ngo The Chau


2021 | German Focus

Additional Information

Twelve-year-old Jakob is a happy, playful boy. Every day he helps his mother at the market and is very popular with everyone. Only once, when an old, ugly woman rummages through all the herbs at the stall and insults his mother, Jacob fights back and scolds her. No one seems to know that this is the wicked fairy Herbina. She lets Jakob carry the heavy bag full of cabbages home, and then locks the boy up for seven years. From now on, with the help of a magical cookbook, he has to prepare the most delicious dishes for the evil fairy and her strange guests. As a farewell, she transforms the boy into a dwarf with a hunchback and a giant nose. No one recognises him, not even his mother, who is so grief-stricken that she neglects her once lavishly filled stall at the market. Jacob has no choice but to go out into the world. Fortunately, he finds employment with Duke Kunz, a quick-tempered gourmet whom he can enthuse with his cooking skills. One day, in this castle, Jakob will come across the secret remedy that can redeem him.

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