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Dolphin Summer

Original title: Delphinsommer
German title: Delphinsommer
90 min
from 13 years
FSK: from 12 approved
Direction: Jobst Christian Oetzmann
Script: Regine Bielefeldt
Cast: Samuel Finzi, Anna Maria Mühe, Tino Mewes, Sophie Rogall, Birge Schade


2005 | German Focus

Additional Information
Volker Tittel
Fabian Römer, Dieter Schleip

The story of 16 year-old Nathalie, who grows up well protected and strongly guided by the dogma of her "Church of the Lord". When the family moves to Berlin, her behavioural patterns and foundations of her life are turned uspide down. Teachers and fellow students can't understand why Nathalie refuses to participate in sports or read "objectionable books" in German class. The young girl escapes to her denomination and becomes friends with the rebellious Sibille. Nathalie's ideal world and belief in the sect are finally shattered when Sibille kills herself after desperately trying to live her own life.

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