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27th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

8 – 15 OCT 2022

Professional Jury Feature Film International

Daniela Adomat

Leipzig, Germany

Daniela Adomat is managing editor of the main editorial office of TV Movies-Series-Children of the MDR. She is responsible for the planning and the acquisition of fiction-film programmes for children and adults. She has studied Political Sciences and Journalism and has accumulated years of experience as a reporter, producer, cinematographer and director of numerous productions. Additionally, she is the ARD’s commissioner for short films.


Prof. Dr. em. Rüdiger Steinmetz

Göttingen, Germany

Prof. Dr. em. Rüdiger Steinmetz is a member of the Media Board of the state media authorities in Saxony (SLM). From 1992 until 2018 he was chairholder of Media Science and Media Communication at the institute of Communication at the University of Leipzig. Since 2016, he researches and publishes on the topic of ‘TV next door. Pictures of upheaval in Saxony’s local TV’ (1990-95).


Etelka Kobuß

Chemnitz, Germany

Etelka Kobuß is a certified primary-school pedagogue (college) and a certified social pedagogue (university). Since 2009, the Hungarian by birth is Chemnitz’s commissioner for migration. One of her responsibilities is the organisation of both the annual intercultural weeks as well as the intercultural film week. She is member of the Day of Peace committee and of the jury of Chemnitz’s Peace-Award.


Felix Vanginderhuysen

Brussels, Belgium

Felix Vanginderhuysen studied Social Sciences at the University of Louvain, Belgium. He was the managing director of Jekino-Films and is general secretary of the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA). In 1989 he founded the European Youth Film Festival of Flanders in Antwerp. Since 2003 he is also president of the school screening circuit Lessen in het Donker.


Corinna Schier

Erfurt, Germany

Corinna Schier has studied Communication and Media Sciences, German Philology and Business Studies at Leipzig University and at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain. After having worked as a research assistant for Leipzig University, since 2008 she is an editor at the children’s channel KIKA within the department of fiction works, where she, among other things, supervises formats of various genres and target groups.


Professional Jury Feature Film National of Goethe-Institut

Katarina Bock

Goethe-Institut Munich, Germany

After studying Media Studies and Theater Studies in Bochum, Katarina Bock specialized in the Master’s programme Film Culture in Frankfurt am Main. In various institutions such as the DFF – Deutsches Filmarchiv & Filmmuseum she gained experience especially in the areas of archiving, presentation and curation of film heritage. Currently, she is a volunteer in the field of film, television and radio at the Goethe-Institut in Munich, where she advises colleagues abroad on the presentation and communication of German film.


Shomansur Shorakhimov

Goethe-Institut Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Shomansur Shorakhimov was born in Uzbekistan and immigrated to Germany in 2005 at the age of 23 to study in Trier and later in Swiss St. Gallen. Since 2009, he is employed in the programme department of the Goethe-Institut Tashkent. In 2010, Shomansur Shorakhimov worked as a project assistant during the “German weeks in Uzbekistan 2010“. This project consisted of over 30 events, executed by numerous German intermediary organizations, coordinated by the Goethe-Institut and the German embassy in Tashkent. Additionally, Shomansur Shorakhimov supervised, in cooperation with SCHLiNGEL, 8 children’s and youth film festivals “Shum Bola” in Uzbekistan.


Johanna Wand

Goethe-Institut Naples, Italy

After studying Italian Literature, Musicology and German Philology in Göttingen, Johanna Wand first taught German as a foreign language. In 2007, she moved to Italy, her country of longing. She has been working there since 2008 at the Goethe-Institut Naples, in the areas of cultural programme and educational cooperation. Her main interests are film and music. In particular, she realises film series for adults and children as well as school projects on the topic of film and media, among others.


Professional Jury Feature Film National of DEFA-Foundation

Mirko Wiermann

DEFA Foundation, Berlin, Germany

Mirko Wiermann worked after his Medical Studies from 1999 to 2004, first as an assistant doctor at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. After studying Theatre and Film at the FU Berlin, he worked as a research assistant in the Zeughauskino of the Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin and in the inventory database project of the Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen. Then he had an active role from 2013 to 2016 in the Retrospective of the Berlin International Film Festival. He has been a member of the DEFA Foundation team since March 2016 and is responsible for the DEFA film distribution within the Deutsche Kinemathek.


Professional Jury Short and Animated Film

Fabian Driehorst

Hamburg, Germany

Fabian Driehorst is a producer of animated films and co-founder of the studio Fabian&Fred. His movies have been awarded multiple times and were presented at over 800 festivals. In 2019, he was awarded with the VVF documentary film producer’s prize. He is a board member of the association AG Animationsfilm and a member of ASIFA, as well as of the producer’s association. He is mainly focusing on animated auteur films for both a young and an adult audience, often internationally co-produced.


Ines Wolter

Chemnitz, Germany

Ines Wolter has been working at the Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt for more than 20 years and has contributed to making it to one of the most important establishments when it comes to media pedagogical institutions in Saxony. The Filmwerkstatt could realize many short film productions and received the German short film award together with Olaf Held in 2013.


ZOFIA / Sophie Stephan

Leipzig, Germany

ZOFIA / Sophie Stephan is a media artist, filmmaker and art mediator from Leipzig. She studied fine arts and media art in Kiel, Bilbao and Leipzig. She explores the interfaces between art, art education and filmmaking. Shapes and media are fluid and relate to one another. ZOFIA / Sophie Stephan is a member of the association Filmverband Sachsen.


Tanja Tröger

Dresden, Germany

Tanja Tröger has been working for the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF) since 2017. Grown up in Chemnitz, formerly known as Karl-Marx-Stadt, she has acquired a taste for movies through the local cinemas. She has studied Communication and Media Sciences, and has accumulated numerous years of practical experience by working in various movie theatres as a projectionist, as a programmer and in customer service.


Jury of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)

Geri Krebs

Zurich, Switzerland

Born in Rhineland-Palatinate, Geri Krebs has lived in Switzerland since childhood. He went to school in St. Gallen and studied Psychology and Education at the University of Zurich for a few semesters. As a career changer he then began to work as a journalist and film critic and received a journalism training from 1996 to 1998 at the MAZ University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne. Since 1998, he has been working as a freelance journalist and film critic for various Swiss media. Geri Krebs has been a member of FIPRESCI and the Swiss Film Academy since 2002.


Ivan Margrin-Chagnolleau

Champigny-Sur-Marne, France

Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau is an artist, a philosopher, and a critic. As an artist, he has been involved in film, theater, music, photography, and creative writing. As a philosopher, he does research for the prestigious “Centre national de la recherche scientifique” (C.N.R.S.) in France, where he specialized in philosophy of art and aesthetics. He is particularly interested in the creative process and its phenomenology, the link between art and spirituality, criticism, as well as film and theatre aesthetics.

In 2014, he founded the art research journal p-e-r-f-o-r-m-a-n-c-e ( as a meeting place for scholars, artists, and critics involved in the performing, visual, and sound arts.

Sebastiaan Floris Khouw

Almere, Netherlands

Sebastiaan Floris Khouw is a critic and journalist who has written for several (Dutch) websites. Almost 4 years ago he started his own website In 2020 he also joined the FIPRESCI. As a journalist, Sebastiaan Floris Khouw believes that entertaining and artistic images can take you on a journey through life, the universe and yourself. He writes from the ideology that these images deserve more attention. He seeks to inform, amuse and challenge his readers with his perspective and insightful reviews.


Jury of the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA)

Marjo Kovanen

Helsinki, Finland

Marjo Kovanen works as a senior specialist at Koulukin-Skolbio. The organisation promotes film-education in Finnish schools, film screenings for children and young people in cinemas during the school and it organises training courses and produces pedagogical materials. Marjo Kovanen is also a chair of the Finnish Society for Cinema Studies and a vice chair of the Finnish Society on Media Education.


Cosima Stracke-Nawka

Bautzen, Leipzig, Germany

The drama expert Cosima Stracke-Nawka was dramaturge and director at the Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater (German-Sorbian Popular Theatre) until 1991. Between 1992 and June 2020, she was a consultant for youth media protection and film funding at the Saxon State Agency of Private Broadcasting and New Media (SLM). She is a member of the allocation committee of the MDM and FSK assessor. Since 2015, she has been spokesperson of the Sorbian-German Filmmaker’s Network Łužycafilm.


Christof Wehmeier

Reykjavík, Iceland

Christof Wehmeier is Head of Festival Promotion at the Icelandic Film Centre since 2007, promoting Icelandic feature films, docs, shorts and TV series, also overseeing international relations and film co-ordination. From 1991 to 1995 he worked as film journalist and has also done jury duties for various international film festivals. He also did film acquisition and managed local film festivals in Iceland. Later, he did movie marketing & promotion for internationale labels like Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures or UIP on the territory of Iceland.


Ecumenical Jury

Juliane Ebner

Berlin, Germany

Juliane Ebner is an artist and filmmaker. Born in Stralsund, she studied Church Music at the Hochschule Dresden, followed by free art at the art academy Kiel. She is mother of three children and lives and works in Berlin and Rügen. Her countless works have been shown and honoured multiple times both nationally and internationally. For her films Juliane Ebner was honoured with the German Short Film Award and was nominated for the best experimental movie at the Hollywood International Golden Age Festival 2021.


Dr. Viktor Kókai-Nagy

Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Viktor Kókai-Nagy studied at the Faculty of Theology of Károli Gáspár University Budapest and at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. (PhD and habilitation). He worked for a radio station and for a TV channel as reporter and editor. From 1993 to 2019 he worked for festivals. Since 2015, he is associate professor at the Reformed University Debrecen and at the Selye János University Komarno. He is a member of the board of INTERFILM and co-founder of INTERFILM Hungary. He is married and has a daughter.


Magali Van Reeth

Aix-en-Provence, France

Magali Van Reeth is Vice-President of SIGNIS Europe and chair of the SIGNIS International Cinema Desk as well film reviewer for the SIGNIS website and for a network of French Catholic parishes and French Catholic media (radio, TV and magazines). Moderating premiere screenings in cinemas and a workshop on Cinema and Spirituality in prison. She is Member of the FIPRESCI through the French Union des journalistes de cinéma (presently board member) and General Secretary of SIGNIS France (2006–2017), President of SIGNIS Europe (2013–2017).