25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Hier, mein Zuhause

Original title: Inja deh-e man [Inja Dehe man]
International title: Here My Village
83 min
Junior Film
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
from 11 years
German Premiere
Direction: Abas Aram

Additional Information
Sepahan Sima Film Institute

Farhad lives with his mother and his little sister in an unimportant desert village. They own nothing more than a small house and a few sheep. They can only get to the next bigger town in the car of their neighbour, Mr Behrouz. The young man has cast an eye at Farhad’s mother. One day he brings a fashion magazine from the city and gives it to Farhad. He is enthusiastic about the photographs, but his mother thinks it is all nonsense. It is more important that he tends the sheep and takes care of the family as a prospective husband. But his passion for photography has been awakened: Farhad secretly tries to scrape up money for a small digital camera and stops at nothing. His mother is desperate and fears that he will ruin her. But with every beautiful photograph that Farhad takes and hangs on the walls of the house, her reservations dwindle. His next step is writing an e-mail to the editors of the fashion magazine – the outcome, however, is uncertain.