25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020


Original title: Na-neun-bo-ri
International title: Bori
110 min
Children´s Film
South Korea
from 10 years
International Premiere
Direction: Jinyu Kim

Additional Information
Mansun CHOI 최만선, Yongchul CHOI 최용철

Eleven-year-old Bori lives in a happy family save that her parents and her younger brother are deaf and communicate in sign language. Bori’s job is to interpret and conduct conversations - on the phone, in shops, with authorities. Although she is important to her parents and they lovingly care for her, she still feels like a stranger at home. In a taxi she has to sit in the front seat and show the driver the way while her mother and brother can cuddle up in the back seat. “Why was I born as a person who is different from my family?”, Bori wonders again and again, wishing for nothing more than to be deaf as well. When she sees an older diver on TV, who has become deaf because of her long underwater stays, Bori wants to take things into her own hands. Again and again she puts her head into the washbasin filled with water. As this does not help, she plunges off a cliff into the sea. She regains consciousness only in a clinic and pretends she cannot hear anymore. A difficult path full of secretiveness begins...