25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Bevor der Tag anbricht

Original title: Saule brauca debesīs
International title: Before the Day Breaks
75 min
Animated Film
from 8 years
German Premiere
Direction: Roze Stiebra

Additional Information
Locomotive Productions

The daughter of the sun and the moon has been kidnapped. In spite of their powers, they are unable to trace her. From now on the child has to grow up underground in the custody of Selena, the devil’s daughter. It shall be prevented that the sun’s daughter can rise into the sky as the bloom of eternity. All efforts of the masked people and even those of the animals to find the child are in vain. The situation is hopeless. Nabashi, a shady man, seems to be the last hope. Together with his two companions, who observed the kidnapping, he embarks on a journey during which helpfulness, patience and courage are put to the test time and again. They have three days to succeed, otherwise the sun’s daughter will lose all her strength and become an ordinary girl.
It is a seemingly aimless search – only wisdom rooted in the people, transmitted by a mysterious, talking wall, can help them now.
The story of Latvia’s path to freedom finds an allegory in heroic characters and poetic chants.