25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Meine wunderbar seltsame Woche mit Tess

Original title: Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess
International title: My Extraordinary Summer with Tess
82 min
German Focus
Netherlands, Germany
from 8 years
Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Steven Wouterlood
Script: Laura van Dijk
Actor: Hans Dagelet, Suzan Boogaerdt, Julian Ras, Johannes Kienast, Jennifer Hoffman, Sonny van Utteren, Josephine Arendsen, Tjebbo Gerritsma, Terence Schreur, Guido Pollemans

Additional Information
Sal Kroonenberg
Christine Houbiers
Franziska Henke

A week’s holiday with the family by the sea! For Sam, it is a week full of mystery, happiness and sadness. He is greatly saddened by the thought that his parents and his older brother Jorre will die one day. Probably even before him because Sam is the youngest of the family. So he prepares himself for this painful moment – by means of a secret solitude training: at first two hours a day, four hours the next day, and even ten hours a day at the end of the short holiday. On the other hand, Sam is happy whenever he can roam the island with self-confident, chaotic Tess. But there is something wrong with her. She constantly wants to visit her holiday guests Hugo and Elise and imposes herself on them. Maybe Tess is in love with Hugo? When Sam wants to confront her, Tess tells him who Hugo really is. Of course, now Sam has to help his girlfriend to sort things out. There is no time left for the solitude training, let alone for his family, who want to enjoy their holidays with him.