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27th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

8 – 15 OCT 2022

Meerkat Moonship

Original title: Meerkat Maantuig
German title: Erdmännchen und Mondrakete
96 min
Junior Film
South Africa
from 12 years
2018 | German Premiere
Direction: Hanneke Schutte


2018 | Junior Film

Additional Information

The name of Gideonette de la Rey is rumoured to be cursed; at least that’s what the neighbours believe. After the sudden death of Gideonetts father, she moves in with her grandparents, who live in the countryside, and want her to get away from all that has happened. However, appearing as a hairy monster, the curse continues to follow her in her dreams. Petrified, Gideonette insists on staying in her room. When looking out of her window, she sees the deaf neighbour’s boy, Bhubesi, pretending to be an astronaut. His innocents and happiness start to rub off on Gideonett. She finds out that for months now, Bhubesi and Gibeonites Grandfather have been working on a moonship. They hope to be able to send the little astronaut to space one day. Time seems to be flying by and Gideonette seems to be feeling better with every day passing. However one day, she eases drops in on a conversation her grandparents are having and finds out the truth about her father’s death. Totally shocked by what she has found out, Gideonnette breaks off her friendship with Bhubesi. On the next day, Bhubesi is rushed to the hospital. Did the curse cause this to happen? Gideonette has to decide whether or not she wants to further believe in a fairy tale, or accept life with all its good and bad moments.