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Felix and the Treasure of Morgäa

Original title: Félix et le trésor de Morgäa
German title: Felix und der versteckte Schatz
84 min
Animated Film
from 10 years
2021 | German Premiere
Direction: Nicola Lemay
Script: Marc Robitaille


2021 | Animated Film

Additional Information
10th Ave Productions

Felix’s father has been missing for more than two years. Everyone in the small coastal village has given up hope of ever seeing him again – except Felix. He hopes for his return every day, and when his mother goes on a long-overdue convalescent trip, he seizes this opportunity. At first no one wants to help him, but eventually Felix is able to persuade grumpy old sailor Tom to take him to the remote and legendary “Island of Eternal Night”. This is where his father got lost in search of the treasure of Morgäa. Reluctantly, Tom helps the boy, and after an adventurous voyage they finally reach the first cliffs. Tom is haunted by bitter memories of the area, for he too once searched for the legendary treasure with his girlfriend Madeline. Like Felix’s father, the woman disappeared without a trace. Together with Tom’s parrot and Felix’s cat, the unequal partners explore the island and soon make a strange discovery: the land surrounded by water does not seem to be as uninhabited as it first appeared.

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