25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Schmeißt die Schlampe in den Fluss

Original title: Vind die domme trut en gooi haar in de rivier
International title: Find This Dumb Little Bitch and Throw Her Into the River
87 min
Youth Film
from 16 years
German Premiere
Direction: Ben Brand
Script: Ben Brand, Ilse Ott
Actor: Wim Opbrouck, Nino den Brave

Additional Information
Paul Ozgur
Patrick Schonewille
Christiaan Verbeek
Submarine Film Corporation

15-year-old Remco and his sister, two years his junior, grow up with their father after their mother’s death. He feeds the family by dealing with illegally imported puppies. Locked up in cages in their house, the puppies, who are just a few weeks old, are secretly chipped, vaccinated and photographed for sale on the internet. Remco and Lizzy help him. When Lizzy is to throw sick, newborn dogs into the river to kill them, her brother films her on his mobile phone.
Remco is an outsider in his clique. No new earrings, no daily strength training can help it. When he meets his clique again to watch cool Youtube videos, Remco comes up with an idea. Without asking Lizzy and without worrying about the consequences, he puts the video of her and the moribund puppies online. Soon the film reaches 40,000 views, and a shitstorm of an unforseen extent begins. Remco is still convinced that nothing can happen to his sister. Her face is barely recognizable on the video after all. And also his father refuses to inform the police – for fear of losing his illegal business.