25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Unheimlich perfekte Freunde

Original title: Unheimlich perfekte Freunde
International title: Double Trouble and the Magical Mirror
92 min
German Focus
from 8 years
Chemnitz Festival Premiere
Direction: Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Script: Simone Höft, Nora Lämmermann

Additional Information
Stefan Biebl
MDR, VIAFILM GmbH & Co. KG Grünwald

Gesa, Frido’s mother, does not like losers. Unfortunately, the ten-year-old boy just feels like a loser, at least at school. His teacher, Mrs. Klawitter, does not want to give him a recommendation for grammar school secondary education because he is said to be much too playful and first has to learn “to write his numbers into the boxes”. But Gesa absolutely wants Frido to attend grammar school next school year and imposes even more tuition on her son. So the promise of a mysterious mirror, which he discovered in the magic labyrinth of a funfair, to provide him with a “perfect self”, is very seductive. Frido tries it out and indeed, there is a true reflection of himself, just properly combed and very polite, extending his hand to him. As soon as Frido touches the hand, the boy appears next to him. From now on his mirror image goes to school, brings home excellent marks and amazes Mrs. Klawitter. However, the double also wants to call Gesa “mum” and gain her affection. When Frido’s best friend Emil also wants to have a perfect image – one that is cheeky and courageous –, things start to get rather complicated.