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The Eagle Huntress

Original title: The Eagle Huntress
German title: The Eagle Huntress
87 min
Children´s Film
from 9 years
2016 | German Premiere
Direction: Otto Bell


2016 | Children´s Film

Additional Information

13-year-old Aisholpan leads a life between modernity and tradition with her Kazakh family in the Mongolian part of the Altai Mountains. During the week she lives in a boarding home and goes to school. The rest of the time she stays with her parents and helps them with the housework. Aisholpan wants to become a doctor. But her greatest desire is to be the first girl to attend the annual hunting competition of her tribe. She is strong, courageous and responsible. Qualities that can help her achieve her goal. But not everyone approves of her intention because traditional hunting with the eagle has been reserved for male members of the tribe. Especially the elders are against the girl’s plan arguing a woman’s place should be in the kitchen, not hunting in the wild nature. But Aisholpan is bound and determined: with her father’s help, the girl catches her own golden eagle and learns how to deal with it. She cares for and trains the animal, and one day she can qualify for the competition. But her real test is yet to come.

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