25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Sebastian und die Feuerretter

Original title: Belle et Sébastien, L'aventure Continue
International title: Belle and Sébastien, The Adventure Continues
93 min
Children´s Film
from 10 years
World Premiere
Direction: Christian Duguay

Additional Information

Ten-year-old Sébastian can hardly wait - his foster mother Angelina will soon be back from the war. He and César are looking forward to finally seeing her again after two years. But Angelina's plane crashes and thereby causes a dangerous fire. All passengers are pronounced dead. But César and Sébastian firmly believe in her survival. They ask the local pilot Pierre to look for Angelina in the forest area. Sébastian is suspicious of Pierre and therefore sneaks on board the aircraft along with his dog Belle. They place themselves in great danger because the presence of the stowaways is quickly discovered; and after some quarrels and disputes, a crash landing is soon inevitable. The walk of the three leads them to a refugee camp, and thus in the vicinity of the forest fire. Still convinced of Angelina’s survival, Sebastian and Belle secretly sneak to the mountains together with the woodcutter's daughter Gabriela to search for the missing woman in spite of all evil prophecies. Soon they are faced with a roaring wall of fire that makes a rescue operation almost impossible.