25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020

Benimm dich!

Original title: Conducta
International title: Behavior
108 min
Junior Film
from 12 years
German Premiere
Direction: Ernesto Daranas Serrano
Script: Ernesto Daranas Serrano

Additional Information
Alejandro Pérez
Pedro Suárez

Eleven-year-old Chala grew up in difficult circumstances: He does not know his father, and his mother is an alcoholic who cannot care for her son properly. They often lack the money for the bare essentials. Therefore Chala works in the afternoons. He walks the dogs his mother’s boyfriend Ignacio trains and prepares for illegal fights. No wonder Chala’s school results are not the best. But his teacher Carmela shows him understanding for his domestic situation and supports the boy wherever she can. “A teacher has to know what the children face out there.” is her maxim. Then Carmela suffers a heart attack and cannot work in the school for a long time. Chala and the other students are now taught by young and strict Maria. Maria cannot cope with the cheeky, rough boy and sends him to a school for adolescents with behavioural problems. When Carmela learns about this, she is shocked and decides to fight for her protégé. Without further ado, she returns to work and brings Chala back, but without the consent of the school board. Neither the administration nor Maria agrees with Carmela’s solo action. They try everything to get rid of her and pension her off ...