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Breaking Horizons

Original title: Am Himmel der Tag
German title: Am Himmel der Tag
89 min
German Focus
from 15 years
Direction: Pola Beck
Script: Burkhardt Wunderlich
Cast: Aylin Tezel, Henrike v. Kuick, Tomas Lemarquis, Godehard Giese, Marion Mitterhammer


2013 | German Focus

Additional Information
Juan Sarmiento G.
David J. Rauschning
Ninca Leece
HFF Konrad Wolf, ALINFilmproduktion/Berlin, Osiris Media/Berlin, ARTE/Strasbourg

Lara is 23 and studies architecture, but she is not interested in her studies although she has nearly completed them. She is even getting bored with the wild nightclub life she used to enjoy with her best friend Nora. But what does she want, what is important in her life? Photographing maybe? She does not know, and she cannot speak about such issues, not even with her friend. When Nora once again persuades Lara to go to the “Cassia”, this night ends – as so often – in a man's bed. This time, in the bed of the handsome bartender, of whom she does not even know the name. Shortly afterwards, Lara is sure to be pregnant! After initial doubts, she decides to keep the child, in spite of her mother’s objections, in spite of Nora’s lack of understanding. She begins to look forward to her baby and to consider the child as an opportunity for her own life. She greatly enjoys her role as an expectant mother renovating her flat, furnishing a nursery, buying baby things. However, her child dies in the sixth month of pregnancy. All her hopes evaporate, her life plan is destroyed. Lara refuses to accept this and desperately fights for her dream ...

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