25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020


Original title: Xing kong
International title: Starry Starry Night
98 min
Junior Film
Taiwan (Republik China), China, Hong Kong
from 12 years
German Premiere
Direction: Tom Shu-Yu Lin
Script: Tom Shu-Yu Lin, Based on the illustrated novel by Jimmy LIAO
Actor: Xu Jiao, Eric Lin Hui-Min, Rene Liu, Harlem Yu, Kenneth Tsang Kong

Additional Information
Atom Cinema

13-year-old Mei will never forget the time she spent with her grandfather in the mountains! Every night he took her by the hand and showed her the beautiful starry sky. Here in the big city she keeps dreaming of the many stars, especially when her parents have an argument. One evening, when feelings are running high once again in the family, she goes up to her room and watches a boy at a window in the opposite house. He plays the flute. The next day she finds he is her new classmate. Jay can draw like a real artist and – despite his shyness – he dares to steal pencils and other artist’s materials from a shop. Mei is immediately fascinated by this very special boy and after she protects him from the other students, the two become friends. From now on they do everything together and stand by each other. They even tell one another their worries and secret desires. When Mei learns that her parents definitely want to separate, Jay comforts her. He knows her dearest wish and how he can make her happy: They secretly run away from home and take the night train to the mountains – in the hope of finding the place where the night sky is at its best.