25th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

10 – 17 OCT 2020


Original title: Hemmeligheden
International title: The Secret
96 min
Youth Film
from 14 years
German Premiere
Direction: Morten Køhlert
Script: Thomas Howalt, based on a play by Thomas Howalt

Additional Information
Bo Tengberg
Anne Østerud

One cold January morning the three siblings Donna, age 16 years, Rianne, age 14 and Plet, age 11, find their mother lying dead on the kitchen floor with four tickets to the Caribbean isle Barbados in her hand. The Children decide to keep her death a secret and put her in the cold basement. Fearing to be separated, they don’t tell anybody that their mom is lying in the basement. When the neighbour Flejnert doesn’t stop to ask for Monika, Donna acts as if she was her mother. And after this phone call was successful, she tries again and again to play this role. However, keeping up appearances is demanding, particularly when family and friends, neighbours and an increasingly suspicious community try to intrude, all wanting to talk with their Mum. Gradually they discover that Mum had her secrets and there are indications that her chaotic life as pop Singer, Cherry Farmer and Housewife, were just a few sides of a colorful person.