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Original title: Monika
German title: Monika
55 min
German Focus
from 13 years
Direction: Christian Werner
Script: Katharina Kress
Cast: Rosalie Thomass, Margarita Broich, Hajo Tuschy, Peter Schneider


2011 | German Focus

Additional Information
Eva Katharina Bühler
Helmar Jungmann
Maik Oehme, Hannah von Hübbenet

Monika lives with her alcoholic mother in the country and has just finished school. Now she wants to learn to drive, but her eyesight is so bad that the eye doctor advises against it. But she absoluetly wants to drive and has a private eye surgery done in Poland. But the operation fails, and Monika has to accept the fact that she is gradually going blind. She cannot expect her mother to support her, on the contrary! In desperation, Monika hides in her room for weeks until she realizes that she must seek help. In a school for blind people, she finally gets the support she has been longing for and even decides to begin training as a physiotherapist. But the more independent and confident Monika gets, the more her mother exerts pressure on her.

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