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Frogs & Toads

Original title: Kikkerdril
German title: Frösche & Kröten
75 min
Children´s Film , Special Programme
2009 , 2015
from 5 years
Direction: Simone van Dusseldorp
Script: Simone van Dusseldorp
Cast: Nino Morris den Brave, Whitney Franker, Juul Vrijdag, Georgina Verbaan, Remko Vrijdag


2009 | Children´s Film

2015 | Special Programme

Additional Information
Englisch (UT bei Niederländisch mit deutscher Einsprache), Englisch (UT bei Niederländischer Sprache), Niederländisch (UT)
Daniel Bouquet
Wouter Jansen
Kees van der Vooren, Arend Niks, Johan Hoogeboom, Willem van Baarsen
, , Lemming Film

Six-year-old Max and his big brother Jannus want to collect frog spawn. Jannus claims he would need it to be able to speak again after his upcoming tonsillectomy. Max finds this strange - frog spawn as medicine - but Jannus is older and he will probably know better. The first attempt fails. Max is not strong enough to hold his brother, who ends up in the water. They do not have a second chance because Jannus is hospitalized. Jannus really cannot speak after the operation. Max becomes frightened. He runs away from hospital. But how can he get hold of this stuff fast? First, he has to go out into the country again, where his grandmother lives. The bus driver, however, does not allow him to get on the bus alone. There he gets to know Jesse, a black girl of about the same age. She has a bicycle. But already after a short distance, a flat tire prevents them from travelling on. Jesse is a smart city girl, though. She knows how to sneak into a bus and many other things too. Max and Jesse experience and explore nature together. They see lots of colourful flowers, caterpillars, spiders, toads, and much more. And they finally find frog spawn. Their adventurous journey ends at Max's grandmother’s home. When Jannus returns from hospital he can already speak again. But how is this possible? He still has not eaten anything of the painstakingly collected "medicine"!

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