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27th International Film Festival

for Children and Young Audience

8 – 15 OCT 2022


Original title: Malvína
German title: Malvína
58 min
Children´s Film
Czech Republic
from 7 years
2004 | International Premiere
Direction: Miroslav Balajka
Script: Kvĕta Kuršová
Cast: Lucie Vondráčková, Jiří Hána, Josef Somr, Barbora Srncová, Jaroslava Obermaierová


2004 | Children´s Film

Additional Information
Roman Pavlíček
Václav Vondráček

The assembly of fairies judges handsome Malvína to leave her magic world. As an illmannered fairy she has fooled around on the earth, and now she has to assert in the human world, aimless forever. But lonely and alone Malvína cannot be happy there. Only the third kiss of a human who invites her into his home and thus into his heart can break the spell. This young man will be found soon. He is a wealthy English lieutenant, who falls in love with the fairy immediately. However, on his goods the strange and beautiful creature causes some considerable problems. But at the latest during the third kiss all problems are solved.