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Pool of Princesses

Original title: Prinzessinnenbad
German title: Prinzessinnenbad
93 min
German Focus
from 14 years
Direction: Bettina Blümner
Script: Bettina Blümner
Cast: Mina und Klara, Tanutscha


2007 | German Focus

Additional Information
Mathias Schöningh
Inge Schneider
Christian Illner

They grew up with their mothers, share the same interests and are inseparable: Klara, Mina and Tanutscha - just 15 years old. The girls love parties and “the prince bath“, for them “the princess bath“. However, their past has not been princess-like. It has been characterized by the uncouth manners of people in their residential area, their families and the fight for acknowledgment. Klara, Mina and Tanutscha are now on the threshold of adulthood. They are searching to find their own way. Klara does not fancy school anymore. Her future plans vary from porn star to zookeeper. Mina is totally busy with anniversary preparations. She has been together with her boy friend for ten months already, and this must be celebrated. Tanutscha is the complete opposite. She swots for a good graduation and thus the best start into her future life. Bettina Blümer accompanied the three girls for one year. She reveals the sensitiveness of these rough diamonds.

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