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Four Minutes

Original title: Vier Minuten
German title: Vier Minuten
111 min
German Focus
from 15 years
Direction: Chris Kraus
Script: Chris Kraus
Cast: Monica Bleibtreu, Hannah Herzsprung, Richy Müller, Nadja Uhl, Jasmin Tabatabai, Sven Pippig


2007 | German Focus

Additional Information
Judith Kaufmann
Uta Schmidt
Annette Focks

Traude Krüger has been teaching the piano in the women’s prison for sixty years. Since hardly anyone of the inmates still takes an interest in it, the warden decides to abolish the instrument, the lessons and thus the teacher. The old lady does not want to put up with it. She takes a piano to the prison on her own account. When Jenny von Loeben and Traude Krüger meet, two worlds collide with each other - the teacher with her schoolmarmish behaviour and her uncompromising severity on the one hand and the self-destructive and violent student on the other hand. Traude soon recognizes Jenny’s unusual musical talent. She could manage to win an important piano competition. The prison administration has already approved of her participation. The preparations for this competition become a trial of strength and wake long-forgotten ambitions in both women. On stage, Jenny has only four minutes to present her entire talent and her personality. But Jenny uses this time to do something that nobody, not even Traude, expects her to do.

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